Sikh Psychiatrist from Frankfort, Kentucky, believes strongmen are psychologically stronger than the bodybuilders

Dr Joginder Singh Kohli is a Psychiatrist from Frankfort, Kentucky, who writes on his blog that the role of good nutrition used to be overemphasized in terms of psychological and mental health till the financial year 2015 but since the dawn of 2016, it is being overlooked and drastically so. He says that it is a pity that the people are being put on pills by the governments, pharma companies, the mainstream media and the so-called health experts. He believes that the people should come back to eating nothing but organic health diet and he believes that it is the duty of the governments and the media to make the people aware of the benefits of eating health diet.

Dr Joginder Singh Kohli claims on his blog that the men and women who had depression in their 20s and/or late 30s are 45% more likely to get Parkinson’s in their 60s or 70s. He claims that he has evidence to prove it including studies from different parts of the world including England, Netherlands and USA. He says that it is a pity that the medical unions have been trying their best to bury those studies and the mainstream media has been a partner-in-crime with them.

Dr Joginder Singh Kohli writes on his blog that strongmen are less likely to fall into depression than the bodybuilders, he adds that though both the terms will sound similar to the most, they aren’t really the same.

Dr Joginder Singh Kohli is originally from India and he visits India each year. Whenever he is in India, he never misses the chance to enjoy some Russian escorts in Goa.