Lilyn Lynn from Udon Thani believes that her favorite gambling website – Fun88 Club has the best content ever

Lilyn Lynn from Udon Thani, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who writes on her blog that nobody can define the perfectly reasonable level when it comes to naming the file or the URL. Se believes that only you can guess what is the best reasonable for you. She tells us to not be very confused and not to waste our precious time thinking about it. She advises us to learn through trial and error.

Lilyn Lynn advises that if you prefer to name your files – images, videos or audios that you want to upload on your website in a concatenated format then you must name those with perfect uppercase and lowercase to have better results, especially on the Google.

Lilyn Lynn claims that there are no specific fonts and layouts that appeal to a “target” audience. She writes that you just put what you feel is appropriate. She adds that each user no matter what they are looking for, they all have different taste in fonts and layouts.

Lilyn claims that a non-flashy website with fun and interactive elements all over is far superior to a flashy website with not so many fun and interactive elements on it.

Lilyn writes that you don’t need lots and lots of content to rank better but rather you need lots and lots of unique, engaging and superb quality content to rank better just like her most favorite online gambling website – fun88 club.

Internet Marketing Expert from Panama City has been trying to learn from the Legacy of Big Dead Wins

Ramon Neville from Panama City is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert, who writes on his blog that engaging content is always more important than the website speed if you are more about the conversions and less about the traffic and the opposite is true if you are more about the traffic and less about the conversion. He gives the example of the official website of legacy of dead big wins to prove the first case.

Ramon writes that when some say that one of the secrets behind Google’s success is its clean and simple homepage, he quite disagrees and asks why couldn’t be a huge success if such is the case.

Ramon writes that Google will remain the search engine giant like it already is until the search engines get overtaken by a new technology which he predicts will happen sometime soon.

Ramon claims that the dynamic websites always have an edge over the static websites when it comes to ranking on the search engines. He writes that on an average, a dynamic website with 65% of the content of a static website and 65% backlinks of a static website is equally good to the search engines. He adds that for this very reason, many tiny websites that don’t need to be dynamic at all, have gone dynamic and it is a pity that 80% of the times, they are able to fool the search engines.

Web Designing and IM expert from the Isle of Portland loves to match bet with her husband at his Health Food Restaurant

Jud Sevimli is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Web Designing expert from the Isle of Portland, England, who writes on her blog that it is a lie that the text browser ‘Lynx’ lets you see your website just like Google sees it.

Jud sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she writes that the text browser ‘Lynx’ was created, promoted and popularized by none other than the Google itself. She claims that it is rather a tracking browser which invades your privacy, but no harm has bee done by it in terms of privacy till date.

Jud Sevimli’s husband of 21 years owns a health food restaurant on the Isle of Portland itself and together, they both are usually found indulging in matched betting.

Jud doesn’t agree with those who claim that the future belongs to the SEM. She believes that it belongs to both equally which is not much different from what has been going on for years now.

Jud writes that most of the changes done to the Google Algorithm in 2019 were temporary and the same is going to happen in 2020 as well.

Jud sells her SEO services on freelance websites as well. She used to give a free SEO eBook to each buyer until about 8 months ago. Many other sellers on the same platform copied her style and started giving a free SEO eBook to their buyers and to have an edge over them, Jud started giving her buyers an additional fairytale book as well.

Jud writes that it is a pity that the search engines, especially Google, Bing and Yahoo! haven’t been able to keep up the numbers of the their crawlers as per the number of the live websites around and that’s the reason why it sometimes takes forever to get your website indexed on these so-called major search engines.

A smart online soccer gambler makes more money than an average online electronics or clothing store owner, claims SEO expert – Jordan Wynn Carrington

Jordan Wynn Carrington is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from LaMoure County, North Dakota, who claims that the profit margins for an online clothing store are far greater than those of the electronic online stores and he claims to have the first hand experience of the same. He adds that he doesn’t own any sort of an online store anymore.

Jordan Wynn Carrington writes on his blog that he hates the latest algorithm of the Youtube, where they show the search results according to demographics of the user. He finds it to be an immature decision of the Youtube chiefs. What is most mature to Jordan Wynn Carrington is betting on trusted soccer websites using soccer predictions.

Jordan Wynn Carrington believes that the Google, Yahoo and Bing should replace the term ‘Ads’, above their paid results with ‘Hyprocrisy’. Jordan also believes that the Google used to pay the mainstream media news channels, Television Producers and Movie Producers, tons of money to promote Google back when they used to be in strong competition with Yahoo!

Jordan Wynn Carrington writes on his blog that it is a pity that the Administrator of the Small Business Administration – Linda McMahon, doesn’t do anything for the SEO agencies of the United States of America; While on the contrary, the government of the United Kingdom, where many of Jordan’s cousins and friends live, do a lot for their country’s full-time internet marketers and SEO agencies.

Jordan Wynn Carrington never gets tired of repeating that although the internet of the current times is definitely far superior to what it used to be 12 years ago, but still he cannot stop missing the internet of the 2008s.