Internet Marketing Expert from Panama City has been trying to learn from the Legacy of Big Dead Wins

Ramon Neville from Panama City is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert, who writes on his blog that engaging content is always more important than the website speed if you are more about the conversions and less about the traffic and the opposite is true if you are more about the traffic and less about the conversion. He gives the example of the official website of legacy of dead big wins to prove the first case.

Ramon writes that when some say that one of the secrets behind Google’s success is its clean and simple homepage, he quite disagrees and asks why couldn’t be a huge success if such is the case.

Ramon writes that Google will remain the search engine giant like it already is until the search engines get overtaken by a new technology which he predicts will happen sometime soon.

Ramon claims that the dynamic websites always have an edge over the static websites when it comes to ranking on the search engines. He writes that on an average, a dynamic website with 65% of the content of a static website and 65% backlinks of a static website is equally good to the search engines. He adds that for this very reason, many tiny websites that don’t need to be dynamic at all, have gone dynamic and it is a pity that 80% of the times, they are able to fool the search engines.