Lilyn Lynn from Udon Thani, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who writes on her blog that nobody can define the perfectly reasonable level when it comes to naming the file or the URL. Se believes that only you can guess what is the best reasonable for you. She tells us to not be very confused and not to waste our precious time thinking about it. She advises us to learn through trial and error.

Lilyn Lynn advises that if you prefer to name your files – images, videos or audios that you want to upload on your website in a concatenated format then you must name those with perfect uppercase and lowercase to have better results, especially on the Google.

Lilyn Lynn claims that there are no specific fonts and layouts that appeal to a “target” audience. She writes that you just put what you feel is appropriate. She adds that each user no matter what they are looking for, they all have different taste in fonts and layouts.

Lilyn claims that a non-flashy website with fun and interactive elements all over is far superior to a flashy website with not so many fun and interactive elements on it.

Lilyn writes that you don’t need lots and lots of content to rank better but rather you need lots and lots of unique, engaging and superb quality content to rank better just like her most favorite online gambling website – fun88 club.

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