Pork eating was as common in Ancient India as the Horse Betting is in the Modern UK – Karine Trabelsi

Karine Trabelsi from Cardiff, England, is a Chinese Restaurant owner, who recently completed writing her first book named ‘Chinese Buddhist Monks and Chinese Chicken’.

Karine writes in her book that Chinese Buddhist Monk Faxian aka Fa-Hein brought the tradition of eating non-vegetarian food to the Buddhist community of India; She claims that it is one of the best kept secrets of all times in the Buddhist world. She adds that it is a secret so well kept that roughly 2% of the Indian Buddhists know about it.

Karine claims in her book that the Hindu priests were eating Chinese styled Steamed fish when the Mahmud of Ghazni attacked at the Somnath temple.

Karine writes in her book that the Chinese Claypot rice used to be the most favorite dish of Vijaynagar ruler – Krishnadeva Raya.

Karine writes that Pork eating was very common in India before the arrival of the Mughals there. She claims that the Indian King Skanda Gupta used to be very fond of eating pork just like she is very fond of best betting sites horse racing.

Karine writes in her book that Rana Sangram Singh aka Rana Sanga – the Ruler of Mewar, India, used to be a huge fan of the human cuisine belonging to the Republic of China. She adds that Rana Sanga used to be regularly bashed as India has always been a vegetarian country and the ruler of the India were supposed to be vegetarian and the Hunan cuisine of China is mainly non-vegetarian.

Karine also claims in her book that the great Indian ruler of the 7th century AD – Harshavardhana, used to be very fond of eating fish-flavored pork shred.