Nephrologist using UFABet money to keep his research going on the grey matter in spinal cord

Dr Goah Thitipat is a neurologist from Pak Kret, Thailand, who claims to have been experimenting with combining different medicines and other chemicals to find the cure for different conditions using the latest technology available.

Dr Goah Thitipat claims that driving a motorcycle or a car is a great exercise for the entire body’s coordination.

Dr Goah Thitipat claims that Kim Jong-Un has ordered his most favorite and hand-picked doctors belonging to different medical fields to secretly experiment on the bodies of different alive human beings. Dr Goah Thitipat claims that most of these doctors belong to the field of neurology as Kim Jong-Un’s main field of interest is to find out how the human brain works and what are the different ways to hack the same.

Dr Goah Thitipat claims that they are overemphasizing the psychological issues that the veterans face but under-emphasizing on the neurological ones that they face due to various factors including dangerous chemical use, brain injuries and others.

Dr Goah Thitipat recently posted on his blog that already there is a great notion in the United States of America that most Indians are doctors, but since Tom Bilyeu’s wonderful interview with the neurologist Rahul, the notion has become stronger to an extent that whenever the North Americans imagine or fantasize about a doctor, they see an Indian face.

Dr Goah Thitipat says that it is a pity that most of the adult patients already know about the grey matter inside the brain but not everyone knows about the grey matter in the spinal cord. He has been doing a great deal of money that he has been winning with UFABet to keep his research going on the grey matter in spinal cord.