A Vaccine to Counter the Effects of Wasp Stings funded by a Bitcoin Casino Winning Amount

Dr Garrett Renvyle from New Hampshire, New England, is a Nephrologist and a gym freak who is always very punctual and particular about his full body routines in the gym.

Dr Renvyle believes that herbal supplements are more responsible for the growing cases of C1q Nephropathy than anything else. He believes there should be some sort of restriction or similar on the sales of herbal supplements or before buying herbal supplements, patients must go through a test proving they have perfectly healthy kidneys so that taking these petty supplements won’t increase the protein output in their urine.

Dr Renvyle jokes that West Nile Virus Infection is no more limited to the West Nile Region only.

Dr Renvyle writes that Granulomatosis with Polyangitis aka Wagener’s granulomatosis is highly found among the window cleaners for the reasons unknown.

Dr Renvyle claims that men and women involved in Business Insurance and Risk Management have a 100% higher rate of Beer Potomania than the men and women belonging to any other profession.

Dr Renvyle writes that men and women involved in legal and tax related businesses have at least 56% higher chances of suffering with the Zellweger Syndrome aka Cerebrohepatorenal syndrome.

Dr Renvyle writes on his blog that plumbers and painters have more cases of Wunderlich Syndrome compared to the people of any other profession.

Dr Renvyle has been working on creating a vaccine that will make wasp stings ineffective on the kidney health. He has been using the money that he has been winning with what he calls the Best Bitcoin Casino for the purpose.