Online Agile Ball is as popular in Indonesia as Shamanism is in Philippines

Mifta Egiet from Palu City, Indonesia, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the Philippine Mythology which she named ‘The Armageddon in Philippine Mythology’.

Mifta believes as per the Filipino texts, they are going to have a fatal war with some neighbouring nations and those nations as per the expert opinions are none other than Thailand and Vietnam combined.

Mifta writes that perhaps there is no other place in the world where the effect of Animism is as strong as in the Philippines. She adds that it is just like there is no other country like Indonesia where online agile ball (bola tangkas online) betting is as popular.

Mifta writes in her book that the Spanish Christian Missionaries tried their best to manipulate and/or destroy the Philippine oral literature but they could never succeed over an extent.

Mifta writes in her book that there is no doubt that the term ‘Diwata’ used to refer to the deities in the Philippine Mythology comes from the Hindu Mythology, where the term ‘Devata’ is used to refer to the dieties.

Mifta believes most of the believers of Shamanism are still alive and well in the Philippines because the Christians never took them as a threat as they were never dominant financially and the colonials weren’t too interested in ever converting the poor.

Mifta claims many of the Shamans thought of Whites as witches when they first arrived in Philippines.

Mifta writes that the concept of realms in Philippine mythology have more impact of Buddhism than any other religion, even the terms resemble those of Buddhism the most.