Learn Thai Language like the Jewish minority in Uzbekistan did and make a fortune

Saifon Promko from Hua Hin, Thailand, is an author who recently completed writing a book the nation called Uzbekistan.

In her book, Saifon writes that Uzbekistan is a secular and unitary constitutional republic on the paper but the ground reality is completely different.

Saifon writes in her book that the President of Russia – Vladimir Putin, secretly wants to take over the nation of Uzbekistan and the Russia forgiving nearly all of Uzbek debt to Russia in 2014 was a part of this secret strategy of the KGB and the President of Russia – Vladimir Putin.

Saifon believes Commonwealth of Independent States is a conspiracy of the United States of America and the Western Europe.

Saifon claims that all the neighbouring countries have an eye on the Uzbekistan’s gold mines and natural gas supply and they have been looking for the right time to invade it.

Saifon claims Bukharan Jews were never a happy and/or prosperous community, it is a distorted fact that they mostly were and it was distorted by none other than the greedy historians and rulers of that part of the world combined.

Saifon asks if the Jews are/were so happy in the so-called secular republic of Uzbekistan, then why would they leave it for some other country. She gives the statistics that in the early 1990s, an estimated 93000 Jews lived in Uzbekistan, but most of them disappeared gradually. She claims to know many of the Jews currently living in Uzbekistan, he says they are not given any jobs and are not allowed to do any business and most of them had to learn the Thai language to bet on Thai football (แทงบอล) websites and make a living that way. She adds that they are thankful to the Uzbek government as they are more prosperous and wealthy than rest of the Uzbeks.

Saifon writes in her book that Tashkent became the capital of Uzbekistan long ago but it could never become the heart of Uzbekistan. She adds that the heart of Uzbekistan remains Bukhara till date.

Saifon writes that the ethnic Russians have been slowly leaving the country of Uzbekistan but nothing seems to reduce the impact the Russians left on the Uzbek culture, music and more and according to Saifon, it is a good thing.