If it weren’t for the ‘Bola Tangkas’ Money, this South Sumatra Clothing Store owner would have gone out of biz long ago

Meita Fani from South Sumatra, Indonesia, is a clothing store owner who also blogs about her store. She writes that it is her personal experience that it is better for both the female and the male clothing stores to have a female cashier.

Meita writes that the days of add-on sales for most clothing stores, especially the smaller stores, whether they serve men, women or kids are gone.

Meita also writes that the days for jobbers and keystones are over. She adds that the customer today is extremely smart and when you combine his smartness with the modern available technology, it becomes impossible for the jobber to exist in the marketplace.

Meita writes there are fewer wholesalers and even fewer manufacturers than ever before in the clothing industry today that offer ‘guaranteed sale’. She clarifies that with with competition for the wholesalers going down and among the retailers it only going up, very few wholesalers or manufacturers are willing for the guaranteed sale. She adds that if it weren’t for the money which she regularly keeps winning with bola tangkas, she would have gone out of business long ago.

Meita believes e-retail will surpass the brick and mortar stores in terms of sales, profits and revenues by 2040, globally in the field of clothing.

Meita writes it is a pity that the tough competition has led so many clothing retailers to fall for the get-rich-quick schemes lately and it includes the multi-generational family clothing businesses.

Meita also writes that reading intermediate expertise on the clothing retail business is just like pregnancy and just like pregnancy, it also takes 9 months and share many other similarities with being pregnant as well.