Value-Investor believes that the Online Italian Casinos offer the Best Value in 2020

Rita Rizzi from Lucca, Italy, is a full-time trader and part-time gambler, who believes that investing in 2020 is the biggest favor that any investor can do to himself/herself.

Rita calls herself a value-investor. She says that she tends to follow Peter Lynch’s philosophy of investment. At the moment, his portfolio breakdown is:

  • 20% Emerging Market Bonds
  • 10% Global Large Cap
  • 30% Emerging Market/Small Cap Global Value Stocks
  • 20% Gold/Silver
  • 20% Crypto

She further writes that she sort of tried to construct a “golden butterfly” portfolio for the modern era. She avoids US stocks overall because there’s a high cape ratio which is terrible for returns; She checks global expected market returns based on CAPE and a few other metrics on Guru Focus.

Rita writes that if you are a gambler type, then it is best to use all your money on migliori casino online Italia in the 2020 than investing it on stocks.

Rita believes that if you pick the 20-25% best expected return markets mentioned on the Guru Focus and just create a portfolio with them, you tend to outperform the market by quite a bit in the long-term.

Rita also pays attentions to the technicals when buying and selling, so she does trade some, but she thinks trading is secondary to a good asset allocation.

Rita claims USA treasuries and most developed country bonds have terrible returns right now and if someone wants to touch them, they should only do it for the short-term.