Spiritual Gentleman from Kanchanaburi claims paving ways to new truths and realisations made him lucky with Baccarat

Somchai Kochprai from Kanchanaburi, Thailand, believes that unattractive people should not get married or procreate. He says they will make their partners and kids miserable with their poor genetics. It goes without saying that he believes beauty is the most important thing in this material life and world.

Somchai believes Jesus Christ only died for the beautiful people. They are his elect. Just like บาคาร่าออนไลน์ is the elect of the smart gamblers.

Somchai goes to the extent of stating “Unattractive people are of the devil.”

Somchai believes that your attractiveness is determined by your karma in past lives. If you are unattractive, you were wicked in your past lives. But if you do good in this life, you can become beautiful in your next life.

Somchai writes on his blog, it is the hardest truth to accept that the majority is unattractive; the prevailing notion in society is looks have nothing to do with your personality. He wonders why!

Somchai believes disabled and deceased people are the most wicked of them all. They are cursed by the god, that’s one of the reasons why none of the diseased or disabled that he ever met knew about online baccarat.

Somchai believes turning to God can cure diseases, disabilities and ugliness.

Somchai writes that he used to be very unattractive. As he paved his way to new truths and realisations, he won favor with god. Now he is often told how incredibly beautiful he is. He now often catches women starting at him anywhere he goes.