The Book Rich Dad Poor Dad gave this Trader to start Betting Online which ultimately made him wealthy like never before

Habib Nabizada from Denpasar, Indonesia, is a full-time trader and part-time gambler, who recently launched a book carrying subjects like how to not spend impulsively, be a good steward of your personal finance, and learn about investing, stocks, options – all that fun market trading stuff.

Habib is now in the process of writing a book on license management, being educated on the subject, the field itself and all around gaining a potential license for a game.

Habib writes for the people starting out in personal finance, the Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of the best books to get your started on your personal finance as it opens you to the world of finance. He says the four hour work week is also good but strongly recommends that you read ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ first. He says it was after reading this book that he got the idea of betting on dominobet regularly.

Habib believes only small or average sized dogs are worth buying as domestic pets. He says you should never go for the large ones.

Habib has an unusual opinion on Avengers Infinity War. He says it didn’t live up to the hype at all, it was okay but the main issue is that the characters constantly get prompted to do things for the greater good, but they always chose the selfish “I will save/avenge my friends over the fate of the Universe.”

Habib has written several times against horse eating. He says as a society, we treat horses more as companions and helpers, having a very high IQ and being used along side us in sports and activities, so it should be considered unethical to eat the meat of an animal that has always been along side us, it is kind of like treachery to the species.