Salvatore Cafaro owns one of the most popular pet supply stores in the city of Hat Yai, which is most popular for the toys they sell for the pets.

Salvatore believes that rice made eatables have become highly overrated for the pets, especially dogs and that’s the reason why one of their products is rice-made. Salvatore doesn’t eat rice himself either. He has sorta started hating it lately.

Salvatore claims on his blog and on other places that he decided to get into the pet supply business due to his love for the pets and also because an astrologer suggested him to do the same. Salvatore adds that he generally doesn’t believe in astrology but when this astrologer who is a good friend of his sister saw his hand for free in order to tell him future, Salvatore’s gut feeling said “Do it” and he decided to follow his heart completely, ignoring what his brain told him to do.

Salvatore campaigns against dog meat online all the time and plays Baccarat Online (บาคาร่าออนไลน์) all the time as well, and for the very same purpose, he recently bought a WiFi repeater.

Salvatore believes that the dental health of a canine is the most important and that’s the reason why he claims that his store has the best dental related products for the dogs in the entire nation of Thailand.

Salvatore claims to have several celebrity customers from Hat Yai including actors, singers and producers. Salvatore has his pictures with them in his store on his social media profiles, it is crazy how much he flaunts those pictures that it looks so awkward.

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