Australian Online Pokies Are As Huge As The Tel Aviv Protests

Sandra Baichu from Perth, Australia, is a Full-Time Political Blogger and Part-Time Gambler, who says immigration ease for the first-world countries was good before refugee crisis and a good decision on the part of the politicians and other people in power.

Sandra has been pursuing her PhD in Philosophy and it is only during the exam times that she doesn’t participate in political debates online or offline or doesn’t go on Best Australian Online Pokies.

Sandra writes she wishes if the Americans understood that Israel is basically a huge bully, but to be fair. Hezbollah wouldn’t exist (or at least wouldn’t be as powerful) if Israel hadn’t invaded and occupied.

Plus, she adds, this is a perfect way to turn the spotlight from the protestors in Tel Aviv towards Arabs being savages and imprisoned loads of people. “Tel Aviv Protests are crazy huge”, she says.

Sandra doesn’t agree with those who claim Israel offers itself to be a proxy for the US which is why their relations are so strong and Israel does she US’s dirty work for them. She says she is also not a fan of the Foreign proxies.

Sandra believes King Hussein was a wise man, who truly and deeply cared for peace and had been forgiving throughout his time in office. She says it seems like he really wrote from his heart and unlike Benjamin Netanyahu who unfortunately writes like a politician.

Sandra writes Benjamin Netanyahu is a full-blown sleazebag; He’s corrupt, a war monger and in general, a bad personality. She believes Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t want peace, he never did. At least the guy before him was willing to negotiate, Netanyahu is just a war criminal, she says.

Sandra believes Benjamin Netanyahu is great at spinning things. She says he is a good speaker all around, she will give him that. She writes Benjamin knows exactly what emotional triggers to use at the perfect instances.

Sandra says Benjamin Netanyahu is a far-right populist who plays off of people’s fears, same vein as Trump, no wonder they are such great friends.