Flat-Earther Spent A Ridiculous Amount Of Her Daily Profits To Discover The Real Shape Of Earth

It is not any more ridiculous than gravity at this point (going by personal verification. Saying that order is due to relative density is evidently false though.

Dana Vercetti

Dana Vercetti from Ashburn, California, is a Full-Time Flat Earth Blogger, who once got banned from a Flat-Earth Discord server for debating although it was a server where she had donated some of her daily profit earlier.

Dana believes math is not an evidence of anything. She writes descriptions are not explanations and certainly not experimental proofs. She believes that surely all Americans and Japanese people understand this.

The moon landing is an unnecessarily controversial topic. First they wouldn’t need CGI to fake it, but other technologies (for which the margin is even bigger actually). It is not uncommon for a technology to be kept under wraps for a few years to gain military advantages.

Dana Vercetti

Dana writes she is personally sceptical about the moon landing, if one knows the conditions of the space race and all that, then it seems a little hard to believe. But that’s about as far as a flat-earther she would go.

Funny how France, India, China, Soviet Union and USA decided to make a Trillion Dollar Hoax. 10/10 use of money. Definitely not unless they were absolutely crazy, which they clearly were not.

Dana Vercetti

Dana once used to be on the fence when it came to the shape of the earth, so far only found indicators of doubt on fe side accompanied by a lots of lies and misconceptions. While she had not verified some thing from the globe side.

It is funny to me that 3D CGI was made in 1978 and 2D CGI was made pretty late in 1972, 3 years after of moon landing.