Yvo Nguyen from Bogor, Indonesia, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who believes the countries who stole land from the natives must give the land back.

Yvo doesn’t agree with those who think the urban areas are suffering from gentrification architecturally.

Yvo writes he would rather live in an anarcho-primitivist society over a national anarchist one.

Yvo actively campaigns against the tax exemption of the Christian Churches belonging to different denominations and also that of the charities.

Yvo believes material existence is an eternal cycle of becoming and unbecoming and therefore he believes it is only good for a gambler like himself to spend it all betting on igm247.

Yvo writes the measures that Britain took to prevent Jewish illegal immigrants from going to Palestine can never be justified as these practices included blowing up refugee ships with holocaust survivors (Operation Embarrass) and putting Jews in internment camps, where they held over 50, 000 of them in Cyprus.

Yvo writes it is not justifiable for other countries to militarily intervene in Foreign countries to defend their interests. He adds neither can military action that defies international law can ever be justified.

Yvo is not a racist, but he doesn’t agree with those who claim that Ahmaud Arbery was a murder victim.

Yvo believes neither the Bolsheviks nor the Monarchists/Fascists should have won the Russian Civil War.

Yvo writes if Philosophy, as in man’s abstract thought of a model for discerning truth, and it may be just your philosophy formalized. Given this logic, personal politics is the product, in part or whole of nothing but philosophy.

The idea of a United Nations is a good concept however the current United Nations is a joke.

Yvo Nguyen

Yvo finds Vox better than Fox. He finds hard money better than Fiat currency and Fiat currency better than Digital currency. He is not willing to take Donald Trump is not a child molester.

Yvo believes humans will discover their way to time travel, immortality and eternal youth by 2050.

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