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Liza Attenborough from Moscow, Russia, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who believes in the Russian vaccine for COVID-19 and every Delhi escort agency that she ever reads about.

Liza thinks the A-Level grades in 2020 were unfairly given.

Liza thinks it was possible for the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan to be successful. She supports the USSR and its Communist allies over the Mujahideen in the Soviet-Afghan war.

1990s was definitely the best decade for the African-American Cinema, Television and Music.

Liza Attenborough

Liza thinks Donald Trump should have defunded the USPS and removed tax exemption from the US Christian Churches.

I often have intrusive thoughts which freak me out so much that they don’t feel like my own even when they are.

Liza Attenborough

Liza believes there should be an age maximum on serving in public office.

Liza doesn’t agree with those who claim the COVID-19 originated in China.

Liza writes setting strange small time based challenges for himself/herself that if not completed result in some hypothetical situation happening, helped her/him improve more than anything.

Liza thinks people ought to be required to learn a local language if they want to obtain a citizenship.

Liza doesn’t agree with those who think regions should have own languages of ethnic minorities recognized and treated in the same way as language of ethnic minority.

Liza often finds himself/herself thinking how he/she could just easily push someone off the top of a high place, e.g. mountains, skyscrapers, roofs, etc, but of course has no intent of doing it.

Liza believes in the efficiency of hypnosis and also believes it is very possible to predict the future.

Liza writes she would vote for Mark Cuban over Bernie Sanders.

Liza doesn’t agree with those who think human cloning should be allowed. She also doesn’t agree with those who think technological innovation has been making society more unequal.

Epicureanism over Stoicism any day of the year.

Liza Attenborough

Liza thinks America should lift its sanctions on Iran in order to promote western degeneracy in a traditional Islamic nation.