Top Thinkers Believe AAMS Online Casinos Are A More Important Innovation Than The Radio

Justina Coscia from Monza, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who writes that Italian region where 30% of GDP is generated by coops might not be the slam dunk example you think it is, because 66% of people in that region work for coops, still their GDP contribution is not even close to 66%.

Justina believes that to this day, Radio remains the most important contribution of Italy to the world, followed by Casino Online AAMS.

Japanese is pretty simple and clean food. Thai food is pretty spicy, I love it. Italian is amazing, I love pasta. Chinese is wonderful with dumplings and noodles. Indian is fantastic with its dosa, roti and curry.

Justina Coscia

Justina doesn’t agree with those who say that the Italians are darker than the Japanese people. She says they are very different in that regard. She writes Italians have a tan while Japanese are pale. She also claims that the Italians have more tan compared to their German counterparts. She further claims that she could easily differentiate them both. She even knows some Morjim Goa Escorts who have a fairer complexion than both the Japanese and the Italian people.

Fascism is more or less a product of Gabriele D’ Annunzio. A lot of his ideas were adapted by Mussolini and re-worked somewhat by Hitler to give us what we now call Fascism.

Umberto Eco was an Italian intellectual and writer who gave us a pretty comprehensive analysis of Fascism that came from a more detached angle. Specifically, the essay “Your Fascism” looks at Fascism in its larval stage.

It is not enough to say that someone authoritarian (which the Republicans certainly are) is a Fascist. Fascism is authoritarian, not all authoritarians are Fascists.

Justina Coscia

Justina went to Cyprus twice and was amazed to see that they mainly served British or Italian food.

Italian Pizza is more simple than any other pizza in the world.

Justina Coscia

Justina believes you can eradicate an identity by removing its social importance. She writes history is littered with dead races. Frankish, Irish, Italian. Now all brought under the same umbrella of “White”.

Justina doesn’t believe the claim that Italy’s first two COVID cases were from Italians who came back from China. She writes the Italian Scientists blamed China, which didn’t change the fact that China’s earliest case was months after September.

Justina writes it is a pity that the Irish and Italians were discriminated against because they were new and relatively unknown to many people in the USA during the 19th and even some of 20th century, although their skin was very White.