Abdul Ahad from Seremban, Malaysia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who thinks Israel wouldn’t be able to establish Greater Israel but then again Allah has promised in Surah Al Isra that the Jews would rise again, but this time, they would do so in mingled crowds. He writes that the group might not even be the Zionists, could be something much worse, the particular group of Jews that we are not sure yet, the kind of Jews who learn Malay just to be able to bet on a top trusted Malaysia Casino 2021 and learn Goan just to have a conversation with those Goa Morjim Escorts.

About the Vietnam War, Abdul writes that he the level of corruption in the South Vietnamese Politics was insane after Ngo Dinh Diem and Ngo Dinh Nhu got killed in a coup. He writes that the South Vietnamese Politics was so volatile that IIRC in one year you had like 8 governments, not to mention drafted American Soldiers vs North Vietnamese and Vietcong Troops that were ready to pay any cost to regain South Vietnam. He writes one needs to see how much more motivated the North Vietnamese were in driving invaders from their land. He mentions another thing to add is that the North Vietnam Army were professional soldiers trained by the Soviet Union Troops, they weren’t the farmers associated with the Vietnamese Congress.

War looks and sounds great at a distance, it is not so fun when you have to watch your friend drown in his own blood or when you have to pick up and carry all of the dead children or when you lose your limbs.

Abdul Ahad

About Dajjal, Abdul writes that as per the Hadith, Dajjal’s gang would be Jewish, not himself.

Most people who survive war usually find themselves in sleepless nights and a lack of will to continue living because after seeing how cheap life is on the battlefield you can’t come back with a healthy mind.

Abdul Ahad

Abdul writes Al-Nusra gets a lot of money from donations by independent Saudi donors, hence they don’t need Israel for anything, especially since Saudis are providing much more funds than the Israelis ever could and Israel sure as hell is not sharing tech.

Islam makes you look at yourself in detail. Non-Muslims too often cannot accept this.

Abdul Ahad

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