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Abdul Ahad from Seremban, Malaysia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who thinks Israel wouldn’t be able to establish Greater Israel but then again Allah has promised in Surah Al Isra that the Jews would rise again, but this time, they would do so in mingled crowds. He writes that the group might not even be the Zionists, could be something much worse, the particular group of Jews that we are not sure yet, the kind of Jews who learn Malay just to be able to bet on a top trusted Malaysia Casino 2021 and learn Goan just to have a conversation with those Goa Morjim Escorts.

About the Vietnam War, Abdul writes that he the level of corruption in the South Vietnamese Politics was insane after Ngo Dinh Diem and Ngo Dinh Nhu got killed in a coup. He writes that the South Vietnamese Politics was so volatile that IIRC in one year you had like 8 governments, not to mention drafted American Soldiers vs North Vietnamese and Vietcong Troops that were ready to pay any cost to regain South Vietnam. He writes one needs to see how much more motivated the North Vietnamese were in driving invaders from their land. He mentions another thing to add is that the North Vietnam Army were professional soldiers trained by the Soviet Union Troops, they weren’t the farmers associated with the Vietnamese Congress.

War looks and sounds great at a distance, it is not so fun when you have to watch your friend drown in his own blood or when you have to pick up and carry all of the dead children or when you lose your limbs.

Abdul Ahad

About Dajjal, Abdul writes that as per the Hadith, Dajjal’s gang would be Jewish, not himself.

Most people who survive war usually find themselves in sleepless nights and a lack of will to continue living because after seeing how cheap life is on the battlefield you can’t come back with a healthy mind.

Abdul Ahad

Abdul writes Al-Nusra gets a lot of money from donations by independent Saudi donors, hence they don’t need Israel for anything, especially since Saudis are providing much more funds than the Israelis ever could and Israel sure as hell is not sharing tech.

Islam makes you look at yourself in detail. Non-Muslims too often cannot accept this.

Abdul Ahad

PhD In Chemical Biochemistry Is Eager To Become A Full Time Gambler With Indonesian Websites

Vilma Denham is financially sound but she fears that she is about to go mentally ill. All of Vilma’s friends have been telling her to stop gambling online and they have been telling her that the online gambling website that Vilma has been betting on is a fake website but Vilma knows for certain that it is the most trusted Deposito Pulsa Telkomsel.

Let us come to some interesting things like Vilma’s conspiracy theories, Vilma says that the people with curly hair are cunning, treacherous and deceiving and one must never trust someone who has curly hair. Vilma says that there is a reason why the Muslims believe that the Dajjal (the most treacherous, deceiving and cunning false messiah) will have curly hair.

Vilma is an academic too. She is a PhD in biophysical chemistry from University of New Orleans.

Being from a biophysical chemistry background, Vilma has a lot of knowledge about the field and she is also very outspoken about several things, for example in one of her blog posts, Vilma claimed that amphetamines, cocaine, methamphetamine are intrinsically evil but marijuana and cannabis are not. It doesn’t mean that she supports any of the drugs, Vilma says that if your doctor prescribed you any of the drugs then only go for it otherwise never bother and destroy your life.

Vilma’s one and only sister is in prison for killing all the members of her late husband’s family after she found out that she had been a victim of the love Jihad. Yes, Vilma’s sister married a tall, handsome and young Muslim but after the marriage she started suspecting that the guy married her just because he wanted a victim to convert her to Islam and get a reward afterlife. Vilma’s suspicion grew stronger each week and ultimately she killed him.

Top Thinkers Believe AAMS Online Casinos Are A More Important Innovation Than The Radio

Justina Coscia from Monza, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who writes that Italian region where 30% of GDP is generated by coops might not be the slam dunk example you think it is, because 66% of people in that region work for coops, still their GDP contribution is not even close to 66%.

Justina believes that to this day, Radio remains the most important contribution of Italy to the world, followed by Casino Online AAMS.

Japanese is pretty simple and clean food. Thai food is pretty spicy, I love it. Italian is amazing, I love pasta. Chinese is wonderful with dumplings and noodles. Indian is fantastic with its dosa, roti and curry.

Justina Coscia

Justina doesn’t agree with those who say that the Italians are darker than the Japanese people. She says they are very different in that regard. She writes Italians have a tan while Japanese are pale. She also claims that the Italians have more tan compared to their German counterparts. She further claims that she could easily differentiate them both. She even knows some Morjim Goa Escorts who have a fairer complexion than both the Japanese and the Italian people.

Fascism is more or less a product of Gabriele D’ Annunzio. A lot of his ideas were adapted by Mussolini and re-worked somewhat by Hitler to give us what we now call Fascism.

Umberto Eco was an Italian intellectual and writer who gave us a pretty comprehensive analysis of Fascism that came from a more detached angle. Specifically, the essay “Your Fascism” looks at Fascism in its larval stage.

It is not enough to say that someone authoritarian (which the Republicans certainly are) is a Fascist. Fascism is authoritarian, not all authoritarians are Fascists.

Justina Coscia

Justina went to Cyprus twice and was amazed to see that they mainly served British or Italian food.

Italian Pizza is more simple than any other pizza in the world.

Justina Coscia

Justina believes you can eradicate an identity by removing its social importance. She writes history is littered with dead races. Frankish, Irish, Italian. Now all brought under the same umbrella of “White”.

Justina doesn’t believe the claim that Italy’s first two COVID cases were from Italians who came back from China. She writes the Italian Scientists blamed China, which didn’t change the fact that China’s earliest case was months after September.

Justina writes it is a pity that the Irish and Italians were discriminated against because they were new and relatively unknown to many people in the USA during the 19th and even some of 20th century, although their skin was very White.

It Is Possible To Predict Your Financial Future If You Stay Updated With The Sports Betting Business News

Liza Attenborough from Moscow, Russia, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who believes in the Russian vaccine for COVID-19 and every Delhi escort agency that she ever reads about.

Liza thinks the A-Level grades in 2020 were unfairly given.

Liza thinks it was possible for the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan to be successful. She supports the USSR and its Communist allies over the Mujahideen in the Soviet-Afghan war.

1990s was definitely the best decade for the African-American Cinema, Television and Music.

Liza Attenborough

Liza thinks Donald Trump should have defunded the USPS and removed tax exemption from the US Christian Churches.

I often have intrusive thoughts which freak me out so much that they don’t feel like my own even when they are.

Liza Attenborough

Liza believes there should be an age maximum on serving in public office.

Liza doesn’t agree with those who claim the COVID-19 originated in China.

Liza writes setting strange small time based challenges for himself/herself that if not completed result in some hypothetical situation happening, helped her/him improve more than anything.

Liza thinks people ought to be required to learn a local language if they want to obtain a citizenship.

Liza doesn’t agree with those who think regions should have own languages of ethnic minorities recognized and treated in the same way as language of ethnic minority.

Liza often finds himself/herself thinking how he/she could just easily push someone off the top of a high place, e.g. mountains, skyscrapers, roofs, etc, but of course has no intent of doing it.

Liza believes in the efficiency of hypnosis and also believes it is very possible to predict the future.

Liza writes she would vote for Mark Cuban over Bernie Sanders.

Liza doesn’t agree with those who think human cloning should be allowed. She also doesn’t agree with those who think technological innovation has been making society more unequal.

Epicureanism over Stoicism any day of the year.

Liza Attenborough

Liza thinks America should lift its sanctions on Iran in order to promote western degeneracy in a traditional Islamic nation.

Time Travel, Immortality, Eternal Youth And IGM247

Yvo Nguyen from Bogor, Indonesia, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who believes the countries who stole land from the natives must give the land back.

Yvo doesn’t agree with those who think the urban areas are suffering from gentrification architecturally.

Yvo writes he would rather live in an anarcho-primitivist society over a national anarchist one.

Yvo actively campaigns against the tax exemption of the Christian Churches belonging to different denominations and also that of the charities.

Yvo believes material existence is an eternal cycle of becoming and unbecoming and therefore he believes it is only good for a gambler like himself to spend it all betting on igm247.

Yvo writes the measures that Britain took to prevent Jewish illegal immigrants from going to Palestine can never be justified as these practices included blowing up refugee ships with holocaust survivors (Operation Embarrass) and putting Jews in internment camps, where they held over 50, 000 of them in Cyprus.

Yvo writes it is not justifiable for other countries to militarily intervene in Foreign countries to defend their interests. He adds neither can military action that defies international law can ever be justified.

Yvo is not a racist, but he doesn’t agree with those who claim that Ahmaud Arbery was a murder victim.

Yvo believes neither the Bolsheviks nor the Monarchists/Fascists should have won the Russian Civil War.

Yvo writes if Philosophy, as in man’s abstract thought of a model for discerning truth, and it may be just your philosophy formalized. Given this logic, personal politics is the product, in part or whole of nothing but philosophy.

The idea of a United Nations is a good concept however the current United Nations is a joke.

Yvo Nguyen

Yvo finds Vox better than Fox. He finds hard money better than Fiat currency and Fiat currency better than Digital currency. He is not willing to take Donald Trump is not a child molester.

Yvo believes humans will discover their way to time travel, immortality and eternal youth by 2050.

Flat-Earther Spent A Ridiculous Amount Of Her Daily Profits To Discover The Real Shape Of Earth

It is not any more ridiculous than gravity at this point (going by personal verification. Saying that order is due to relative density is evidently false though.

Dana Vercetti

Dana Vercetti from Ashburn, California, is a Full-Time Flat Earth Blogger, who once got banned from a Flat-Earth Discord server for debating although it was a server where she had donated some of her daily profit earlier.

Dana believes math is not an evidence of anything. She writes descriptions are not explanations and certainly not experimental proofs. She believes that surely all Americans and Japanese people understand this.

The moon landing is an unnecessarily controversial topic. First they wouldn’t need CGI to fake it, but other technologies (for which the margin is even bigger actually). It is not uncommon for a technology to be kept under wraps for a few years to gain military advantages.

Dana Vercetti

Dana writes she is personally sceptical about the moon landing, if one knows the conditions of the space race and all that, then it seems a little hard to believe. But that’s about as far as a flat-earther she would go.

Funny how France, India, China, Soviet Union and USA decided to make a Trillion Dollar Hoax. 10/10 use of money. Definitely not unless they were absolutely crazy, which they clearly were not.

Dana Vercetti

Dana once used to be on the fence when it came to the shape of the earth, so far only found indicators of doubt on fe side accompanied by a lots of lies and misconceptions. While she had not verified some thing from the globe side.

It is funny to me that 3D CGI was made in 1978 and 2D CGI was made pretty late in 1972, 3 years after of moon landing.

Australian Online Pokies Are As Huge As The Tel Aviv Protests

Sandra Baichu from Perth, Australia, is a Full-Time Political Blogger and Part-Time Gambler, who says immigration ease for the first-world countries was good before refugee crisis and a good decision on the part of the politicians and other people in power.

Sandra has been pursuing her PhD in Philosophy and it is only during the exam times that she doesn’t participate in political debates online or offline or doesn’t go on Best Australian Online Pokies.

Sandra writes she wishes if the Americans understood that Israel is basically a huge bully, but to be fair. Hezbollah wouldn’t exist (or at least wouldn’t be as powerful) if Israel hadn’t invaded and occupied.

Plus, she adds, this is a perfect way to turn the spotlight from the protestors in Tel Aviv towards Arabs being savages and imprisoned loads of people. “Tel Aviv Protests are crazy huge”, she says.

Sandra doesn’t agree with those who claim Israel offers itself to be a proxy for the US which is why their relations are so strong and Israel does she US’s dirty work for them. She says she is also not a fan of the Foreign proxies.

Sandra believes King Hussein was a wise man, who truly and deeply cared for peace and had been forgiving throughout his time in office. She says it seems like he really wrote from his heart and unlike Benjamin Netanyahu who unfortunately writes like a politician.

Sandra writes Benjamin Netanyahu is a full-blown sleazebag; He’s corrupt, a war monger and in general, a bad personality. She believes Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t want peace, he never did. At least the guy before him was willing to negotiate, Netanyahu is just a war criminal, she says.

Sandra believes Benjamin Netanyahu is great at spinning things. She says he is a good speaker all around, she will give him that. She writes Benjamin knows exactly what emotional triggers to use at the perfect instances.

Sandra says Benjamin Netanyahu is a far-right populist who plays off of people’s fears, same vein as Trump, no wonder they are such great friends.

The daughter of an abusive petty tent business owner in Bandung is now a millionaire with the help of online betting

Kori Ainsworth says that she knows several webmasters from the 90s and early 2000s who made the internet what it is today and along with making the internet what it is today, each of them also made millions and millions of dollars.

Kori started her online business in a hope of becoming a millionaire herself but she failed to made even a thousand dollar a month in the conventional way but she didn’t give up on her dreams and kept finding a way to become a millionaire, her favorite song used to be “How to be a millionaire” by ABC, yes the popular 80s song.

Anyways, Kori found a fountain of wealth in chudjen bet she has been able to make over 1.5 million USD by now with the ufabet within less than 1 year, that’s what one of the most popular Youtubers of all time and a mechanic for over 50 years – Scotty Kilmer has been able to make by now.

Kori has a huge sympathy for the terrorists belonging to all the nations and religions, Kori says that she has met several different terrorists belonging to several different religions, nations and ethnicities. Kori says that most of these so-called terrorists are poor hormonal and aggressive teenagers who become victim of brainwashing at a very early age. Kori says that killing terrorists is going to result in breeding more terrorists, she says that they need education and awareness rather than brute.

Kori was born to a tent business owner father in the city of Bandung and her mother was a homemaker. Growing up, Kori didn’t have a good childhood, Kori’s father always suspected that his wife is having an affair and would beat the hell out of her because of this very suspicion. Kori grew up hating her father and having an extravagant sympathy for her mother. Kori wanted to become a historian in her childhood but the mother nature had something else for her in her mind.

Pet Supply Store Owner campaigns against Dog Meat and in favor for Baccarat Online

Salvatore Cafaro owns one of the most popular pet supply stores in the city of Hat Yai, which is most popular for the toys they sell for the pets.

Salvatore believes that rice made eatables have become highly overrated for the pets, especially dogs and that’s the reason why one of their products is rice-made. Salvatore doesn’t eat rice himself either. He has sorta started hating it lately.

Salvatore claims on his blog and on other places that he decided to get into the pet supply business due to his love for the pets and also because an astrologer suggested him to do the same. Salvatore adds that he generally doesn’t believe in astrology but when this astrologer who is a good friend of his sister saw his hand for free in order to tell him future, Salvatore’s gut feeling said “Do it” and he decided to follow his heart completely, ignoring what his brain told him to do.

Salvatore campaigns against dog meat online all the time and plays Baccarat Online (บาคาร่าออนไลน์) all the time as well, and for the very same purpose, he recently bought a WiFi repeater.

Salvatore believes that the dental health of a canine is the most important and that’s the reason why he claims that his store has the best dental related products for the dogs in the entire nation of Thailand.

Salvatore claims to have several celebrity customers from Hat Yai including actors, singers and producers. Salvatore has his pictures with them in his store on his social media profiles, it is crazy how much he flaunts those pictures that it looks so awkward.

Muslim Thai GP is proud of his Online Football Gambler Kids

Dr Hidayat Afroz is a General Practitioner from Hua Hin District, Thailand, who recently made a post on his official blog stating how glad he is very happy about the fact that the Maltese doctors and people together with the use of modern technology and information have been able to tackle the endemic called Brucellosis, which was once even popularly known as the Maltese fever, due to its extremely high prevalence in the Island of Malta and Gozo.

Dr Hidayat Afroz claims on his blog that young tobacco smokers are on as much risk of getting Acute Bronchitis as their older counterparts, which is sadly he writes, an ignored fact, both by the doctors and the patients.

Dr Hidayat Afroz claims on his blog that drinking over 2 cans of Red Bull in a day increases your chances of getting a breast cancer, especially if you are a man with gynecomastia. He adds that most of the people that he personally knows who are regular drinkers of Red Bull, are workaholics and he adds that workaholics in general are more prone to getting cancer.

Dr Hidayat claims that practicing Sikh people of India have the best immune systems. He gives the example of the endemic of bird flu in India back in 2006, where the Sikhs were the least to catch the disease, although they are the people who eat at least double the amount of chicken per capita when compared to any other people.

Dr Hidayat Afroz has 3 sons and 1 daughter. 2 of his sons are also General Physicians, while his one and only daughter and the youngest son couldn’t make it to the medical college, but they both make more money than Dr Hidayat or his doctor sons, thanks to ข่าวต่างประเทศ. Dr Hidayat is proud of all his kids equally. He didn’t want them to become doctors, but rather to make a comfortable living, which they all have been successfully doing.