Learn Thai Language like the Jewish minority in Uzbekistan did and make a fortune

Saifon Promko from Hua Hin, Thailand, is an author who recently completed writing a book the nation called Uzbekistan.

In her book, Saifon writes that Uzbekistan is a secular and unitary constitutional republic on the paper but the ground reality is completely different.

Saifon writes in her book that the President of Russia – Vladimir Putin, secretly wants to take over the nation of Uzbekistan and the Russia forgiving nearly all of Uzbek debt to Russia in 2014 was a part of this secret strategy of the KGB and the President of Russia – Vladimir Putin.

Saifon believes Commonwealth of Independent States is a conspiracy of the United States of America and the Western Europe.

Saifon claims that all the neighbouring countries have an eye on the Uzbekistan’s gold mines and natural gas supply and they have been looking for the right time to invade it.

Saifon claims Bukharan Jews were never a happy and/or prosperous community, it is a distorted fact that they mostly were and it was distorted by none other than the greedy historians and rulers of that part of the world combined.

Saifon asks if the Jews are/were so happy in the so-called secular republic of Uzbekistan, then why would they leave it for some other country. She gives the statistics that in the early 1990s, an estimated 93000 Jews lived in Uzbekistan, but most of them disappeared gradually. She claims to know many of the Jews currently living in Uzbekistan, he says they are not given any jobs and are not allowed to do any business and most of them had to learn the Thai language to bet on Thai football (แทงบอล) websites and make a living that way. She adds that they are thankful to the Uzbek government as they are more prosperous and wealthy than rest of the Uzbeks.

Saifon writes in her book that Tashkent became the capital of Uzbekistan long ago but it could never become the heart of Uzbekistan. She adds that the heart of Uzbekistan remains Bukhara till date.

Saifon writes that the ethnic Russians have been slowly leaving the country of Uzbekistan but nothing seems to reduce the impact the Russians left on the Uzbek culture, music and more and according to Saifon, it is a good thing.

Couple donates all that they save with Betting Bonus to Libertarian YouTubers

Emma started her career as a management consultant. Emma is an M.Phil in Biological Science and her husband runs a very popular online grocery website that works only in the beautiful city of Ohrid, Macedonia.

Emma helped her husband a lot when he was starting out in his online business. She made her contacts, she helped him in transportation and many other things.

Both Emma and her husband (Ramon) are hardcore libertarians. They donate all that they save with bonus scommesse to several libertarian Youtubers and websites to spread their message and for a shoutout. They both are also big fans of the industrial revolution and the capitalism.

Emma only respects high achievers or kids and thinks of normies as garbage while Ramon respects both low and high income groups.

Emma’s father used to be a driver when she was a kid. They used to be a very low income family. Emma’s whole family consider Emma lucky for it because their lives changed after she was born. The whole family turned from rags to riches.

Emma used to be a wannabe rapper in the teenage. She recalls how stupid her verses and rhymes used to be.

After Emma and Ramon were married for 2 years, they decided to open an Irish pub in their own city. Emma was in the favor of having her own Nano Brewery Equipment in the pub. Emma researched thoroughly where to buy one from and finally selected Yolong Brewery based in Ningbo city, China.

Ramon joked about buying it from the France because Emma is a great lover of everything French. French clothing, French food, French wine, French revolution, you name it.

Both Emma and Ramon are very flexible human beings and they love animals too. They have several pets including a Sarplaninac dog, several hamsters, a few gerbils, a chinchilla, and a rodent.

Online Agile Ball is as popular in Indonesia as Shamanism is in Philippines

Mifta Egiet from Palu City, Indonesia, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the Philippine Mythology which she named ‘The Armageddon in Philippine Mythology’.

Mifta believes as per the Filipino texts, they are going to have a fatal war with some neighbouring nations and those nations as per the expert opinions are none other than Thailand and Vietnam combined.

Mifta writes that perhaps there is no other place in the world where the effect of Animism is as strong as in the Philippines. She adds that it is just like there is no other country like Indonesia where online agile ball (bola tangkas online) betting is as popular.

Mifta writes in her book that the Spanish Christian Missionaries tried their best to manipulate and/or destroy the Philippine oral literature but they could never succeed over an extent.

Mifta writes in her book that there is no doubt that the term ‘Diwata’ used to refer to the deities in the Philippine Mythology comes from the Hindu Mythology, where the term ‘Devata’ is used to refer to the dieties.

Mifta believes most of the believers of Shamanism are still alive and well in the Philippines because the Christians never took them as a threat as they were never dominant financially and the colonials weren’t too interested in ever converting the poor.

Mifta claims many of the Shamans thought of Whites as witches when they first arrived in Philippines.

Mifta writes that the concept of realms in Philippine mythology have more impact of Buddhism than any other religion, even the terms resemble those of Buddhism the most.

A Vaccine to Counter the Effects of Wasp Stings funded by a Bitcoin Casino Winning Amount

Dr Garrett Renvyle from New Hampshire, New England, is a Nephrologist and a gym freak who is always very punctual and particular about his full body routines in the gym.

Dr Renvyle believes that herbal supplements are more responsible for the growing cases of C1q Nephropathy than anything else. He believes there should be some sort of restriction or similar on the sales of herbal supplements or before buying herbal supplements, patients must go through a test proving they have perfectly healthy kidneys so that taking these petty supplements won’t increase the protein output in their urine.

Dr Renvyle jokes that West Nile Virus Infection is no more limited to the West Nile Region only.

Dr Renvyle writes that Granulomatosis with Polyangitis aka Wagener’s granulomatosis is highly found among the window cleaners for the reasons unknown.

Dr Renvyle claims that men and women involved in Business Insurance and Risk Management have a 100% higher rate of Beer Potomania than the men and women belonging to any other profession.

Dr Renvyle writes that men and women involved in legal and tax related businesses have at least 56% higher chances of suffering with the Zellweger Syndrome aka Cerebrohepatorenal syndrome.

Dr Renvyle writes on his blog that plumbers and painters have more cases of Wunderlich Syndrome compared to the people of any other profession.

Dr Renvyle has been working on creating a vaccine that will make wasp stings ineffective on the kidney health. He has been using the money that he has been winning with what he calls the Best Bitcoin Casino for the purpose.

Nephrologist using UFABet money to keep his research going on the grey matter in spinal cord

Dr Goah Thitipat is a neurologist from Pak Kret, Thailand, who claims to have been experimenting with combining different medicines and other chemicals to find the cure for different conditions using the latest technology available.

Dr Goah Thitipat claims that driving a motorcycle or a car is a great exercise for the entire body’s coordination.

Dr Goah Thitipat claims that Kim Jong-Un has ordered his most favorite and hand-picked doctors belonging to different medical fields to secretly experiment on the bodies of different alive human beings. Dr Goah Thitipat claims that most of these doctors belong to the field of neurology as Kim Jong-Un’s main field of interest is to find out how the human brain works and what are the different ways to hack the same.

Dr Goah Thitipat claims that they are overemphasizing the psychological issues that the veterans face but under-emphasizing on the neurological ones that they face due to various factors including dangerous chemical use, brain injuries and others.

Dr Goah Thitipat recently posted on his blog that already there is a great notion in the United States of America that most Indians are doctors, but since Tom Bilyeu’s wonderful interview with the neurologist Rahul, the notion has become stronger to an extent that whenever the North Americans imagine or fantasize about a doctor, they see an Indian face.

Dr Goah Thitipat says that it is a pity that most of the adult patients already know about the grey matter inside the brain but not everyone knows about the grey matter in the spinal cord. He has been doing a great deal of money that he has been winning with UFABet to keep his research going on the grey matter in spinal cord.

Full-Time eBay seller from Buriram believes fasting, winters and football step 2 bring good luck to her business

Budsaba Pongkasam from Buriram, Thailand, is an eBay seller and store owner, who is highly inspired by the founder of Pakistan – Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the first Prime Minister of India – Jawahar Lal Nehru.

Budsaba says that her favorite time of the year is winters and not because of the high sales on her eBay and brick and mortar store but because she feels naturally very high during winters all the time just like one does after winning a bet on football step 2 (บอลสเต็ป2).

Budsaba recently wrote a free eBook on her career as an eBay seller and a store owner where she claims to have told her whole story.

Budsaba writes in the book that it doesn’t require as much passion and dedication to be a successful wholesaler as it does in the case of becoming a successful retailer. She claims that she couldn’t have been successful at her business if she were more creative but less passionate.

Budsaba started her eBay career with selling OSHO merchandise there. In the beginning, she would only ship to USA and Canada but later started shipping to Europe and Mediterranean as well. She claims that shipping to other countries increased her income by over 70%.

Budsaba believes that fasting, winter season and betting brings good luck to her store.

Budsaba claims to have tried email marketing in the past to promote her store. The expenses incurred outran the profits by far and hence she had to stop it.

Budsaba claims to have never created any profile of her on a social media website – for either the business or personal use.

Pork eating was as common in Ancient India as the Horse Betting is in the Modern UK – Karine Trabelsi

Karine Trabelsi from Cardiff, England, is a Chinese Restaurant owner, who recently completed writing her first book named ‘Chinese Buddhist Monks and Chinese Chicken’.

Karine writes in her book that Chinese Buddhist Monk Faxian aka Fa-Hein brought the tradition of eating non-vegetarian food to the Buddhist community of India; She claims that it is one of the best kept secrets of all times in the Buddhist world. She adds that it is a secret so well kept that roughly 2% of the Indian Buddhists know about it.

Karine claims in her book that the Hindu priests were eating Chinese styled Steamed fish when the Mahmud of Ghazni attacked at the Somnath temple.

Karine writes in her book that the Chinese Claypot rice used to be the most favorite dish of Vijaynagar ruler – Krishnadeva Raya.

Karine writes that Pork eating was very common in India before the arrival of the Mughals there. She claims that the Indian King Skanda Gupta used to be very fond of eating pork just like she is very fond of best betting sites horse racing.

Karine writes in her book that Rana Sangram Singh aka Rana Sanga – the Ruler of Mewar, India, used to be a huge fan of the human cuisine belonging to the Republic of China. She adds that Rana Sanga used to be regularly bashed as India has always been a vegetarian country and the ruler of the India were supposed to be vegetarian and the Hunan cuisine of China is mainly non-vegetarian.

Karine also claims in her book that the great Indian ruler of the 7th century AD – Harshavardhana, used to be very fond of eating fish-flavored pork shred.

Lilyn Lynn from Udon Thani believes that her favorite gambling website – Fun88 Club has the best content ever

Lilyn Lynn from Udon Thani, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who writes on her blog that nobody can define the perfectly reasonable level when it comes to naming the file or the URL. Se believes that only you can guess what is the best reasonable for you. She tells us to not be very confused and not to waste our precious time thinking about it. She advises us to learn through trial and error.

Lilyn Lynn advises that if you prefer to name your files – images, videos or audios that you want to upload on your website in a concatenated format then you must name those with perfect uppercase and lowercase to have better results, especially on the Google.

Lilyn Lynn claims that there are no specific fonts and layouts that appeal to a “target” audience. She writes that you just put what you feel is appropriate. She adds that each user no matter what they are looking for, they all have different taste in fonts and layouts.

Lilyn claims that a non-flashy website with fun and interactive elements all over is far superior to a flashy website with not so many fun and interactive elements on it.

Lilyn writes that you don’t need lots and lots of content to rank better but rather you need lots and lots of unique, engaging and superb quality content to rank better just like her most favorite online gambling website – fun88 club.

Internet Marketing Expert from Panama City has been trying to learn from the Legacy of Big Dead Wins

Ramon Neville from Panama City is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert, who writes on his blog that engaging content is always more important than the website speed if you are more about the conversions and less about the traffic and the opposite is true if you are more about the traffic and less about the conversion. He gives the example of the official website of legacy of dead big wins to prove the first case.

Ramon writes that when some say that one of the secrets behind Google’s success is its clean and simple homepage, he quite disagrees and asks why Ask.com couldn’t be a huge success if such is the case.

Ramon writes that Google will remain the search engine giant like it already is until the search engines get overtaken by a new technology which he predicts will happen sometime soon.

Ramon claims that the dynamic websites always have an edge over the static websites when it comes to ranking on the search engines. He writes that on an average, a dynamic website with 65% of the content of a static website and 65% backlinks of a static website is equally good to the search engines. He adds that for this very reason, many tiny websites that don’t need to be dynamic at all, have gone dynamic and it is a pity that 80% of the times, they are able to fool the search engines.

Web Designing and IM expert from the Isle of Portland loves to match bet with her husband at his Health Food Restaurant

Jud Sevimli is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Web Designing expert from the Isle of Portland, England, who writes on her blog that it is a lie that the text browser ‘Lynx’ lets you see your website just like Google sees it.

Jud sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she writes that the text browser ‘Lynx’ was created, promoted and popularized by none other than the Google itself. She claims that it is rather a tracking browser which invades your privacy, but no harm has bee done by it in terms of privacy till date.

Jud Sevimli’s husband of 21 years owns a health food restaurant on the Isle of Portland itself and together, they both are usually found indulging in matched betting.

Jud doesn’t agree with those who claim that the future belongs to the SEM. She believes that it belongs to both equally which is not much different from what has been going on for years now.

Jud writes that most of the changes done to the Google Algorithm in 2019 were temporary and the same is going to happen in 2020 as well.

Jud sells her SEO services on freelance websites as well. She used to give a free SEO eBook to each buyer until about 8 months ago. Many other sellers on the same platform copied her style and started giving a free SEO eBook to their buyers and to have an edge over them, Jud started giving her buyers an additional fairytale book as well.

Jud writes that it is a pity that the search engines, especially Google, Bing and Yahoo! haven’t been able to keep up the numbers of the their crawlers as per the number of the live websites around and that’s the reason why it sometimes takes forever to get your website indexed on these so-called major search engines.